Effective Display Advertising Mediums

How to Launch an Effective Advertisement

There are a lot of modern ways of launching an advertisement for a product or a service, but experts in the marketing field would surely advice you not to ignore traditional ways as these also have a way gaining revenue. And as far as traditional advertising is concerned, putting up advertisement boards has proven to be one of the most effective mediums. Not only are advertisement boards easy to put up and can be used for any kind of product/service, but they are also economical and effective for brand recognition and in terms of market reach.

The most common types of advertising boards are pin boards, directory boards, and notice boards. If your marketing plan includes a low budget, then you should really consider this medium as advertising boards are actually economical but provides excellent results, still.

Read on to know more about some variants of advertising boards:

Pin boards

Pin boards have a very specific target market: kids and couples. This is because pin boards are generally decorated and customized, thus making them appear casual and playful. If your target market is youth, this is a great way to catch their attention to get your message across.

It is a good idea to invest in a pin board since one would be easily adjusted in terms of colors and decorations for different target markets and age groups.

Directory boards

The most basic function of a directory board is to put up signs or maps in order to show visitors the terrain of the establishment they are in, so they could easily find the room/department they are searching for. These are used both for inside and outside buildings, so as to maximize the people who could see them. There are variations to the materials used to create boards like these, including natural aluminum, hard wood, or dark bronze.

Notice boards

For small institutions, notice boards are used in order to efficiently spread messages to all departments or floors. It may not be as effective with large establishments where the turnover of visitors and employees are huge, but this is still one of the most cost-effective and all-around modes of sending a message for a workplace.

It is also recommended to put up notice boards outside establishments so people could easily take note of things such as operating hours and other information they may need. Notice boards are exceptionally useful for establishments like offices, police stations, and even schools.


You’d be surprised to find out that the offline market is still significantly bigger than the online market, particularly because not all internet users pay attention to the ads they see online. If you are promoting a local product, it is still highly recommended to put up offline ads such as advertising boards so as to generate a huge audience, establish brand recognition, and add your product to daily conversation between locals.

Remember that the end-goal of any marketing ploy is to generate higher revenue. This is why you should take full advantage of traditional marketing in terms of reach and name recall. Just make sure that whatever medium you use, you would consider matters such as design, timing, and location.

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