Does Free Online Advertising Work?

Free online advertising usually sounds too good to be true. Place a couple of ads online for FREE and get a better response than you would from paid advertising? That can’t be true. Fairy tales don’t happen in the real world do they?

Actually free online ads have changed many people’s lives. Have you heard of Craigslist? I know several people who make a living on advertisements posted at this popular free classified ads site.

But if you are looking for a catch, there is one. You need to know exactly the right words to use in your advertisement. And to do that you must have a pretty good idea of the kind of people who read the free online advertising site that you intend to use. If you get these two things right then free online advertising may be all you need to get thousands of qualified leads and customers for your business.

So how do you get an idea of the kind of people who read the ads at the free classified ads site that you intend to post your ad at? Read the ads already posted for starters and if there is any content you can read that too. This will give you a very good idea of the interests of the folks who visit that site and who will end up seeing your advertisement. This is very important because folks online are in a hurry and only have time for what they are interested in visiting the particular site they have landed in. Anything irrelevant or unrelated will be completely ignored. This is probably the most common mistake made by most people who have failed with free online advertising.

Blogs receive huge traffic and the huge advantage with them is that they are easy to classify and it is easy to determine the kind of readers that visit a particular blog regularly. Just from reading the main posts you will quickly grasp this. Be careful about the comments because the trend across the web is that people get very abusive and even vulgar in their comments. Especially if a blog allows anonymous comments. Still you will quickly find that many blogs that allow anonymous comments have very high traffic indeed.

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